Duty Paid


Duty Paid operations include the import, storage, delivery and other logistics services related to alcoholic beverages for the domestic market. The goal of ME Group is to offer our customers the best overall logistics solutions under ME Group name in Finland and DLP Drinks Logistics Partner in Sweden. We ensure that the logistical needs and individual requirements of all our partners are managed efficiently and objectively in both markets.


By taking care of the logistics we leave you free to concentrate on marketing and selling. Smooth running logistics means secure delivery to the consumer.

A satisfied consumer is the ultimate target.

Variety of service packages

The Basic Service is the core of all operations and it includes reception and storage of goods, handling of customer orders (EDI), collecting of goods and delivery.
The Support Functions cover all necessary requirements from authorities, e.g. license for excise warehouse and bonded warehouse, Valvira storage license and Valvira-reporting, Intrastat reporting, collecting and reporting alcoholic beverage taxes. The Support Functions also include several services regarding the physical handling of the goods, e.g. arrival check on all incoming goods, marking of bottles and cases, assembly of displaypallets, etc.
The additional value added services are also available for our customers:
● Freight agreement for import of goods
● Information services including client delivery information (MIS)
● Invoicing services
● Provider Managed Inventory (PMI)


We fulfill the demands of authorities and assure the content of our customers during the whole process.